2015: A fresh start

So this is it.. our brand new website! We hope you love it just as much as we do, and to celebrate we couldn’t think of a better way than to give you a massive update on what AMOE have been getting up to!

Every year sees the typical ‘New year, new me’ and new year resolutions take place and around January 31st..all is forgotten and back to the ‘norm’. However, at All Manor of Events we never aimed for anything to change..it just happened.

Automatically after our Christmas break we had a shutdown period where we gave our barn a little TLC. Although after every single event we ensure our barn is cleaned and looking immaculate, we always like to do a big spring clean..in January.

Following this we set our minds to curving our social media into our everyday routine as opposed to an every now and again approach. Doing so we have seen a massive rise in our followers and ‘likers’ proving how strong and influential modern technology and social media really is and how it can effect a business’ growth. We also took a jump into a something new for the company..Pinterest! An event is as much visually important as anything else, and Pinterest is proving this point. By highlighting how versatile our venue can look as well as offer up some ideas and inspiration for the soon to be newlyweds has proved so popular and with nothing but images! Again, targeting the more creative and visually focused individuals, hopefully meaning we can appeal to a wider audience.

Literally on the last day of January, we had a team meeting and finalised our Christmas 2015 party theme and announced on the same day.. Call us what you like for planning ahead but when it comes to booking your Christmas party in November and you cannot find a place available you won’t be calling us so crazy then!! An immense amount of planning goes into our Christmas parties so the earlier we prepare, the better. It creates so much excitement in the office which we hope reflects upon our audience with the belief our enthusiasm rubs off on them also. We’ll be taking a journey with Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy through the wardrobe this year into a world of snow, ice, queens, talking animals all in one night along some fabulous entertainment which will be sure to amaze. Our tickets are available now and we look forward to sharing this magical journey with you.


So cleaning, done. Social media, done. Christmas?! Done. And believe it or not..there is still many more things that we have been up to in the past month and a bit!

As any wedding venue should, we have been planning our Wedding Fair and Open Day which is a really great way to attract new, prospective couples to our venue but also give them, as well as current clients a good opportunity to explore suppliers that we recommend, especially if they are having a difficult time with planning, which we know can be all things from stressful, difficult, exciting and sometimes even tedious. We will be on hand both days to offer as much advice and help as we can but also suppliers will be able to give you their opinions and again, the best advice in regards to their specific trade. Saturday 28th Febuary starting at 12.00 noon and Sunday 1st March beginning at 10.30am. We hope to see you there!


Talk about leaving you on a high! We hope you’re just as excited as we are for this amazing year and we look forward to sharing it all with you.

-AMOE Team x

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